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Engage in wellness with nature

Nature classroom takes you into the wild and connects you to the wonderful world of nature and herbal medicine.

Our programs are designed to support ownership over one's health, connection to the land we live on, curiosity in herbalism, and inspire interest in the wild world of plants for years to come.

Nature Classroom educates, prepares, and equips families in the art of Foraging, Herbalism, Nutrition, and fitness.
Whether your family is knowledgeable, just getting started, or curious about herbal & natural health remedies, our courses and programming will equip your entire family with the knowledge, tools, and remedies that will assist everyone when needed.

Learn delicious recipes, healing remedies, plant identification, the human body system, and how to make healthier choices.

Join us for an adventure filled with wild discoveries that will forever impact your lives.

Let's get started!


Foraging for your own food and medicine is a great way to connect with the land and activate the ancestral knowledge that is dormant in us. Get access to some of the most nutrient rich and healing plants, all while getting some much needed exercise and fresh air. Foraging is good for your body as well as your mind and soul.

Learn the bioregional plants of your community. Support and develop a relationship with the natural world around you.

Herbal Medicine

.Herbal medicine aims to return the body to a state of natural balance so that it can heal itself. Different
Herbs, flowers, and plants for medicine is something we feel very strongly about, as we believe that the plant world has given us almost everything we need to stay healthy! We are passionate about teaching others how to make their own herbal remedies with homegrown and foraged herbs and flowers.

Connect Thrive & Heal

Explore plants as living beings, Discover the science of botanical identification, the art of wildcrafting and herbal medicine making through this captivating journey into wild edible and herbal botanicals!

It's a powerful thing when we learn side by side with our family and become family self-sufficient.

Experience the benefits of the natural world!

In person classes.

Our in person classes are all outdoors. We have classes in New York and New Jersey. Every week we will be visiting various locations. If you have a group and you are interested in our outdoor class series feel free to email us. We also have payment plan if needed.

Fall is the best season to go foraging for wild food and medicine. Going into the woods, forest, meadows, beach, and parks gives us so much beauty and fresh air. It allows us to engage with nature and each other. there are so many things to forage this season including mushrooms. We also get to see some sring plants return like dandelion, wild violet and chickweed!

If you want to dive deeper sign up for the upcoming foraging adventure.

Foraging Nature’s Apothecarry

Session 1 October 5th - October 26th 10 am - 1 pm

Session 2 November 6th - November 27th 12 pm - 3 pm

In this short 4 weeks sessions. participants will be introduced to edible and medicinal plants that grows wild in the Bronx. We will explore the land (Bronx river, Concrete Plant park etc), learn proper harvesting techniques along with effective methods to turn our harvest into herbal remedies and edible goodies.

We wil also learn some stress management techniques, move our bodies through series of natural movement. We will do breathwork, animal pattern movement and sensory awareness.

This class sessions is for the whole family. Great time to learn together and be outside connecting with nature. You can select session 1 or 2 or both.

Online Programs

All online class will meet on zoom. These are live interactive classes that requires your participation. Regardless of where you are in the world you can take any of these course. We meet once a week. Any questions you may have feel free to email us at

Seasonal Herbal

Healing Routine


Every Sunday October 9th - November 20th


This course is all about preparing for the winter blues/cold & flu season. You will learn herbal healing routines that build immunity, giving you and your family the best fighting chance against whatever you are and will be exposed to.

Come in and make effective herbal remedies with the herbs and spices that you have in your kitchen cabinet and with the herbs of the season. Create your own protocol and master the techniques neccessary to deliver healing. Each week you’ll work with a different spice and herb to uncover its traditionnal healing and gain additional remedy-making techniques.

location: online

Menstrual cycle Lifestyle transformation:

Cycle Syncing, Hormone balance & Peri-Menopause

Tuesday October 11th - November 22nd 2022


This program uniquely integrates ancestoral herbal wisdom, modern day experience, and African wellness traditions along with nutrition scientific evidence for the prevention and healing of women’s health concerns.

If you are between the age of 30-53 and didn’t start menopause this course is for you. It’s time to focus on balancing our hormones and get our body in the state of wellness so that we can maximise the benefits of our menstrual cycle while preparing our body to have a successful entry into the next phase of our lives Menopause.

The course emphasizes a community and whole woman approach to health, taking into consideration body, mind, and the whole woman in the context of her life. Guiding and showing you how to create a revolutionary roadmap to balance your hormones by syncing up your daily activities(eating, working, socialising, fitness, etc) with your mentrual cycle ryhthm to promote optimal health and hormone function. You will also create a plan for the perimenopause phase along with herbs, diet and exercise.

Take control of your wellness by restoring balance and preparing for the upcoming stage of womanhood.

Herbal medicines are the heart of healing to help women regain their vitality, energy, and health.

Location: online

Children Online program.

Young Herbalist

October 17th - December 5th 2022


This is a program for children who have an interest in being a doctor, herbalist, healer, or simply want to learn about how to heal and take care of their bodies. Young Herbalist participants are being trained like an herbalist would. Age ain’t nothing but a number in this course. It is an ongoing program that build upon itself. This semester we are learning all about the integumentary system and how to make salve, lotions, scrubs, bath herbals and so much more.

Location: Online


Journei Bimwala is a Clinical Family Herbalist, Nutrition Health Coach, Foraging practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor and Educator.

I want to inspire you to live freely, become more self sufficient, and protect your health. I share my knowledge information on Health, Herbalism, foraging and wildcrafting, fermenting and preserving, cooking whole foods from scratch, and making herbal products.

My goal is teach you all you need to know to keep yourself and family healthy. That’s just the beginning!

Being in nature and observing the way the land changes day by day, season by season, and year by year, is my life. I walk outside, on paths that have been walked many times over the years and observe the land. What is growing well? What is flourishing? What is struggling? What seeds are being sown and what is lying fallow? As a bioregional herbalist, an herbalist who works primarily with the plants that grow locally to me, these natural cycles and rhythms have become a natural part of life for me.

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