The art of herbalism is the world of nature. This program is for children with an interest in herbalism, healing, and medicine. 

Our students are introduced to herbal medicine, plant identification, foraging, nutrition, and the whole body system. We meet 3 times per year. Spring, Fall, and Winter. Each season is 12 weeks long with 3 class projects to complete.

The class is mixed age 10-17 years old. The younger students will need parental assistance for some of the remedies we will be making. 

We offer payment plan if needed and sliding scale email us at
Knowledge is like a garden.
If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested


Health & Natural remedies


Live & Interactive 

What you will learn this semester
 Immune System

This season we are going to focus on the Immune system. its function and nutritional need. We are going to explore how to strengthen and support through herbal remedies. 
Digestive System (Microbiome, Liver, Kidneys)

We are going to review the digestive system and focus on the microbiome, liver, and kidneys. Learning about healthy bacteria and unhealthy bacteria, and how they affect our health.

We are going to learn about the functions and nutritional needs of the liver while making herbal remedies that support and nourish,

Kidneys. We will cover techniques to properly care for the kidneys such as a kidney wrap. We will also dive into the function of the kidneys and what herbal remedy can support the organ.
Herbal medicine
We are going to work with specific herbs this season and dig deeper into research.
Herbal Actions
Herbal Energetics
You are going to need specific tools and ingredients. 
You will receive the list of materials and where to purchase them.
The power of solvent
Herbal Bath
Nourishing Herbals
Hydrating Herb
We are covering lifestyles and habits that are beneficial and detrimental to the Immune system.

We offer payment plans and sliding scales for those in need. Email
Young Herbalist (online)
Young Herbalist (online)
12 weeks herbal program to teach children 10-17yrs the art of herbalism.
Weekly zoom session
Students will have homework assignments
3 projects to complete
Acute intervention
Students will learn how to use herbs in an emergency situations such as fever, bacterial Infection, and Viral infection. 
We are going to continue with our fermentation.
Creating fermentation drinks.
We are making Vinegar this season

Passing down the knowledge!

                                      If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Instruction in youth is like engraving in stone.
~Moroccan Proverb

Meet the instructor

Journei Bimwala is a Clinical Herbalist, Family Health & Lifestyle Development Specialist, Certified Health Coach, and Foraging practitioner.

She is a homeschool mom of 3, who uses nature as a classroom. Journei uses her expertise and experience to educate families on wellness and self-sufficiency. Her work empowers families who want to take charge of their own health, become more informed, educated, confident and skillful in the art of healing.