The role of the Herbal Practitioner

The herbalist’s primary role is as an educator and partner, encouraging and supporting your goals for improved health and wellbeing. Herbalists neither diagnose nor directly treat disease. Rather, we focus on educating you, the client, on how to best enhance your body’s innate healing capacity. Our intent is to help you achieve the highest state of health consistent with your own goals. We will consider your individual constitution and nature and recommend the most appropriate herbal, dietary and lifestyle changes specifically for you. Our goal is to serve as part of your healthcare team; we collaborate with a diversity of alternative and conventional modalities as appropriate.

offers private herbal consultations and custom formulations by appointment. We offer services for clients working with a range of issues including pre-existing medical conditions, general wellness, and preventative health. We work from a scope that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit and strive to incorporate these different aspects into our herbal recommendations. We work with our clients to find approachable strategies that work with their lives and meet them where they are. Herbal recommendations may include teas, extracts, salves, syrups, vinegar, oils, foods, and flower essences.

Common areas supported through herbal medicine include digestion, stress, depression and anxiety, seasonal wellness, fatigue and energy balance, reproductive health, immune system support, skin health, partum and postpartum care, chronic illness support, cancer support, terminal illness support, autoimmune support, and more.

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I specialize in Supporting people’s health naturally, employing a broad “toolbox” of traditional healing arts to restore balance, which authentically helps people feel better without taking more medications at ever higher doses.

Multi-Dimensional Services

 Holistic Nutrition                           Clinical Herbalism                     Wellness Coaching                

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Consultation

A comprehensive consultation addressing your primary health concerns and goals after filling out my intake questionnaire. As a result after our session, a personal protocol will be tailored to your constitution and needs to promote changes in lifestyle, diet, supplement, and herbs in order to foster an increased state of balance and health thus maximizing the body's self-healing capabilities.

Acute-Care Virtual Clinic

Do you need some quick advice about self care for immunity, stress-relief, sleep or digestion? Are you taking carre of yourself or loved ones at home and need a compassionate ear and partner in problem solving?

Get in touch to make an appointment with an herbalist for a short (30-45 min) acute-care virtual consult. Although these are short intakes, recommendations will still be kndividually tailored to you and take into account your health history and any medications. As with all of our offerings, these appointments are available on a sliding scale ($50-80) and herbal recommendations will be available through our apothecary. No one isturned away for lack of funds.

If you are experiencing chronic health concerns or more complex circumstances, a full length consultation is more appropriate. Please let us know what type of appointment you need.

Nourishment Package

90 Days to Improve Your Health

A personalized package specialy formulated to meet your need in your healing journey.

A 90 day program that is designed to promote whole body transformation from lifestyle to nutrition to herbal remedies. Includes foundational remedies to get started. Working closely to meet the client where they are at in their healing process, working to achieve their health goals and working to address primary concerns with frequent check ins.

Seasonal Detox package

Our body accumulates plenty of toxins. Fasting and detoxing is  a great way of maintaining and increasing your health

Prep in Unity

It’s about coming together, batch making herbal medicine and batch cooking to ensure our families are well nourished.

Events & Wellness retreat

EachOneCarryOne has hosted workshops and event around NYC for the past five years. We hosts wellness retreats locally for those interested in herbal medicine and holistic wellness. We offers leadership, education, and services to public and private institutions.


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