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Herbal First Aid focuses on preparing you to properly respond to difficult environments where higher care resources may not be available.

Learn the best ways to keep yourself, your pets and your family safe, handle emergencies, and prevent accidents from happening. 

Learn the essentials of first aid care while also introducing fundamental plant-medicine concepts that apply to severe or post-disaster environments.
  • Herbal  medicine making
  • Plant processing 
  • Practicing suturing

Herbal First aid



The  program focuses on the training of wilderness medicine. It's an 8 weeks course for $360

Herbal First aid offers effective approaches to acute illnesses in post-disaster situations, offering relief to physical ailments while also supporting mental and body system health.

This is a hands-on experience. We meet online once a week via zoom and we have 2 practice dates. It is important to learn how to identify the plants that will be used and learn to make the medicine yourself. By bridging the gap between herbal medicine and first aid, you not only enhance your own well-being but also ensure the health and safety of your beloved pets. Join us in cultivating these essential skills and be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

This program is open to all. 
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-Splinting & bandaging plus ankle and knee stabilization for walking
Using poultice for wound management.

Herbal Medicine

* Introduction to herbal medicine

* Herbal medicine making

* Herbal materia medica for austere environments

* Wound healing and infection management using herbal medicine

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Join our comprehensive Herbal First Aid Course designed for both humans and their furry companions. In this hands-on workshop, participants will gain invaluable skills that are crucial in situations where access to conventional medical care may be limited. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a pet owner, or simply preparing for emergencies, this course equips you with practical knowledge to handle injuries and illnesses using herbal remedies.

what you will learn

Fundamental herbal care concepts

  1. Herbalism
  2. Foraging

– The necessary shift in thinking

-Wound Care and Infection Management using herbs

-Injury, shock, pain, and herbs

-Respiratory herbal first response

-Gastrointestinal herbal first response

-Urinary herbal first response

-Planning, preparing, and administering herbs

Some key skills include:

  1. Wound Assessment and Care:

    • Learn how to assess and care for wounds using herbal preparations.
    • Understand the principles of wound cleaning and infection prevention.
  2. Herbal Medicine Preparation:

    • Acquire knowledge about the properties of various medicinal herbs.
    • Learn how to prepare herbal remedies, including poultices, tinctures, teas, and salves.
  3. Identification of Medicinal Plants:

    • Develop the skill to identify and responsibly harvest medicinal plants.
    • Understand the specific uses and benefits of different plants.
  4. Suturing Techniques:

    • Learn basic suturing techniques for wound closure in emergency situations.
  5. Creation of Slings and Bandages:

    • Understand how to create slings and bandages for immobilization and support.
    • Customize these techniques for both human and, in some courses, pet first aid.
  6. Emergency Response Planning:

    • Develop a comprehensive emergency response plan for various scenarios.
    • Understand how to prioritize and administer first aid effectively.
  7. Holistic Approaches:

    • Explore holistic approaches to health and well-being.
    • Understand the connection between emotional and physical health.
Learn what to pack.
There will be a review and a hands-on test.

We are ready to help you build your confidence in handling situations with  Herbal medicine!



February 5th -March 25th 7-8:30 pm
Practices dates TBA
Online via Zoom